Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter Trending Topics

Do you know what is cool about Twitter? It is the way in which the things that are popular will ebb and flow during the day and what is being talked about most of all now does not necessarily stay the same by the time you finish reading this.

What this does is it really makes sure that the website is alive and kicking and that is pretty impressive as it shows that people will often go to Twitter in order to share opinions or even see what the world is saying about certain people, keywords, events, or whatever it is that is going on at that moment in time. Also, we can be talking about hundreds of thousands of shares, likes, comments, or anything else in a short period of time although clearly that depends on the situation and what is happening.

Another thing to remember is that Twitter trends can be split up into different locations because what is trending worldwide can be completely different to what is trending within your actual country. That in itself makes a lot of sense because clearly different things are influencing people as we speak so we have to take that into consideration when we are looking at the different Twitter trends that are happening at this moment in time.

However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that this is going to be linked to the use of various hashtags to really determine what is popular and what is not. It is common for hashtags to only be popular in distinct area or parts of the world or the same topic can have a number of different tags that all relate to the same thing, so really being aware of the top trends is actually quite a complicated business.

To give you an idea as to what is possible with Twitter trends, we can look at the kind of thing that is trending as we speak. Now, this is going to change by the time you read this, but it is just intended to give you some kind of an idea as to what is going on with the website.

For example, if we look at the worldwide trends at this exact moment in time, then we see that Tim Tebow has been trending for a number of hours. However, his popularity or the number of times that he has been mentioned on Twitter has varied somewhat over those hours but it is obvious that he is on the minds of a lot of people at this point. Why is he trending? Well, it is linked to the news that he is looking at a professional baseball career instead of American Football so that news is directly associated with an upsurge in the number of people talking about him on Twitter.

That is one great example of how news and Twitter trends are so closely linked. People will talk about individuals, especially when they have made some announcement, or a shocking event will get the Twittersphere buzzing with excitement or complete amazement at what happened. Of course the number of Tweets or retweets is going to vary a huge amount but if you want to know what is going on in the world, then check out what Twitter is discussing and you should get a pretty good idea.

What we are saying is that Twitter trends are really going to give you up to the minute ideas on what is getting the world talking. It lets you know what the world is thinking about, their opinions, and the best part is that we are talking about everyday people making their feelings known on a huge and impressive scale. However, what is trending now can easily be usurped in next to no time and that is why you have to check back on a regular basis because who knows what you are going to end up missing out on.

Twitter is here to stay and so are those trends. No matter if it is #NationalBookLoversDay or #RicardoSoto or whatever it may be you are just able to get an idea of what the buzz is all about at that point in the day. Twitter trends are cool so check them out and see what grabs your attention.

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