Top 100 Twitch Members

rank user followers latest game
1 syndicate 2,460,616 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
2 riotgames 2,352,984 League of Legends
3 esl_csgo 1,779,011 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
4 Nightblue3 1,680,284 League of Legends
5 summit1g 1,603,557 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
6 LIRIK 1,510,598 Battlefield 1
7 imaqtpie 1,449,877 League of Legends
8 PhantomL0rd 1,396,710 League of Legends
9 sodapoppin 1,346,434 World of Warcraft
10 captainsparklez 1,299,128 Minecraft
11 tsm_bjergsen 1,224,431 League of Legends
12 goldglove 1,178,167 Watch Dogs 2
13 Joshog 1,151,234 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
14 Tsm_dyrus 1,148,822 League of Legends
15 mushisgosu 1,130,432 League of Legends
16 castro_1021 1,084,883 FIFA 17
17 trick2g 1,051,885 H1Z1: King of the Kill
18 flosd 990,331 League of Legends
19 sivhd 982,188 League of Legends
20 swiftor 955,779 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege
21 dreamhackcs 924,907 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
22 iijeriichoii 922,361 Rocket League
23 tsm_theoddone 889,839 League of Legends
24 nl_kripp 892,043 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
25 gamesdonequick 846,086 Mega Man
26 PewDiePie 836,519 BATMAN - The Telltale Series
27 Voyboy 826,025 League of Legends
28 faceittv 832,778 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
29 c9sneaky 833,557 League of Legends
30 pashabiceps 781,459 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
31 timthetatman 808,688 Overwatch
32 omgitsfirefoxx 776,811 Watch Dogs 2
33 Tsm_doublelift 810,037 League of Legends
34 kittyplays 760,057 Overwatch
35 mlg 753,074 Destiny
36 TrumpSC 746,929 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
37 amazhs 744,398 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
38 shroud 744,628 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
39 izakooo 731,750 H1Z1: King of the Kill
40 ungespielt 700,616 World of Warcraft
41 kittyplaysgames 690,993 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
42 gassymexican 685,287 H1Z1: King of the Kill
43 cohhcarnage 683,639 Stardew Valley
44 anomalyxd 680,247 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
45 nadeshot 673,670 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
46 kinggothalion 642,676 Pokémon X/Y
47 GiantWaffle 631,399 H1Z1: King of the Kill
48 monstercat 631,639 Music
49 Cryaotic 624,057 World of Warcraft
50 nick_28t 617,949 FIFA 17

Top 100 Twitch Members

Have you heard of Twitch before? If not, then let us introduce it to you before we go ahead and start to discuss the leading members that you may want to then actually check out.

Twitch is a live TV streaming platform and it is primarily used by people playing games as others watch and discussions are then allowed to take place. This is something that has really gained in popularity in recent years and the gaming society really is big business. You know this by the way in which the top gamers are able to make a reasonable amount of money from their channels and that is where the size of their followers on the likes of Twitch really does pay dividends.

So, just how popular are the top Twitch members?

Well, according to the latest statistics, (and you have to remember that this is something that is ever changing) the most popular is Syndicate with just under 2.5 million members. However, they are closely followed by Riot Games that specializes in League of Legends and has 2.2 million members.

This closeness is something that is quite common as you browse through the list of the top members and at the same time one other thing that you also see is that the games they focus on will also vary from time to time. For example, the member in third place in the list is currently esl_csgo and their latest game that they are focusing on is Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

However, there is something else that you need to take into consideration and that is the simple fact that there will be a tendency for them to change their games once they have completed them or they are setting themselves a brand new challenge. This moving around is one thing that is known to keep people interested in what is going on with the channels and even though they know that other top gamers will be working on the same games they still want to check them out to see how they approach various aspects mixed in with their own style of running commentary.

Now, as we are looking at the top Twitch members, how many followers are you going to need in order to really get to grips with appearing on this list? (Just in case you are interested)

Well, if we are looking at the top 50 members, then you need to have just over 600,000 followers to knock nick_28t from the list. However, that is not the biggest surprise in the list because sitting in the middle of it at number 27 is somebody called PewDiePie with just over 800,000 followers. Why is this a surprise? Well, simply because this is the guy that is the biggest draw on YouTube with over 47 million followers on there and yet he is almost 2 million behind on Twitch.

Now, we are not going to go into why that is the case on here because Twitch is such a fluid site thanks to the range of games that people play and the characters that are built up with the live streaming of them playing mixed in with the interaction aspect. To be honest, that is the part that is able to capture the imagination and attention of people and it is the only way in which the people that are the top Twitch members can ever actually hope to build their following over time.

This website is something that is growing and there is no doubt that the links between the people that have huge accounts and followings on Twitch will also tend to have a reasonable sized following on other forms of social media. For people that really love their gaming, this is certainly the place to be as you are in there with likeminded people that have the exact same interests and the community feel is pretty impressive. Well, how else could you explain it when you have a number of the top people with either over 1 million followers or at least close to it?

Twitch may not be the most well known website in the world, but within this genre it is certainly able to hold court pretty well.


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