Top 100 Facebook Fan Pages

rank user total fans
1 user-img Facebook for Every Phone 499,273,276
2 user-img Facebook 183,049,655
3 user-img Cristiano Ronaldo 119,134,067
4 user-img Shakira 104,484,014
5 user-img Coca-Cola 101,112,350
6 user-img Vin Diesel 100,996,100
7 user-img FC Barcelona 95,578,977
8 user-img Real Madrid C.F. 94,177,876
9 user-img Eminem 91,029,033
10 user-img Leo Messi 87,770,177
11 user-img Rihanna 81,872,795
12 user-img YouTube 81,864,461
13 user-img Tasty 79,683,089
14 user-img Justin Bieber 77,908,819
15 user-img Michael Jackson 75,493,298
16 user-img Harry Potter 75,433,133
17 user-img Will Smith 74,791,977
18 user-img Taylor Swift 74,665,537
19 user-img Candy Crush Saga 74,631,060
20 user-img Bob Marley 74,418,737
21 user-img Manchester United 72,285,964
22 user-img Katy Perry 70,731,119
23 user-img Criminal Case 69,718,474
24 user-img McDonald's 68,576,708
25 user-img Mr Bean 67,309,286
26 user-img The Simpsons 66,677,573
27 user-img Texas HoldEm Poker 66,507,936
28 user-img Adele 65,910,049
29 user-img Beyoncé 64,488,002
30 user-img 成龍 Jackie Chan 64,370,316
31 user-img Linkin Park 62,093,814
32 user-img Selena Gomez 61,813,311
33 user-img Lady Gaga 61,053,942
34 user-img UEFA Champions League 60,714,287
35 user-img Neymar Jr. 59,230,279
36 user-img Fast & Furious 58,725,921
37 user-img Pitbull 58,539,574
38 user-img National Geographic Channel 58,333,406
39 user-img Bruno Mars 57,898,545
40 user-img Dwayne The Rock Johnson 57,535,430
41 user-img Titanic 55,942,604
42 user-img Jason Statham 54,973,587
43 user-img David Beckham 54,777,463
44 user-img David Guetta 54,764,493
45 user-img SpongeBob SquarePants 53,417,173
46 user-img Barack Obama 52,816,950
47 user-img Avril Lavigne 51,815,041
48 user-img AKON 51,632,012
49 user-img Adam Sandler 51,535,906
50 user-img Enrique Iglesias 51,512,394
51 user-img Disney 50,673,404
52 user-img Megan Fox 50,306,163
53 user-img Lil Wayne 50,234,024
54 user-img Family Guy 49,726,209
55 user-img MTV 49,138,037
56 user-img Avatar 48,148,714
57 user-img Chelsea Football Club 47,297,509
58 user-img Red Bull 47,027,738
59 user-img Microsoft Lumia 46,856,599
60 user-img Usher 46,423,795
61 user-img Miley Cyrus 46,389,492
62 user-img The Twilight Saga 46,116,326
63 user-img Paul Walker 45,811,558
64 user-img Jennifer Lopez 45,487,491
65 user-img Windows 45,288,165
66 user-img South Park 45,250,701
67 user-img Football 44,866,357
68 user-img Black Eyed Peas 44,206,608
69 user-img Shrek 43,851,844
70 user-img KFC 43,588,854
71 user-img CGTN 43,479,316
72 user-img Chris Brown 43,308,280
73 user-img National Geographic 43,230,829
74 user-img John Cena 43,133,074
75 user-img Tom and Jerry 42,759,655
76 user-img Samsung Mobile 42,690,133
77 user-img Oreo 42,542,201
78 user-img Nike Football 42,490,390
79 user-img Nicki Minaj 42,299,950
80 user-img The Beatles 42,252,610
81 user-img Huawei Mobile 41,975,100
82 user-img Music 41,626,675
83 user-img Yo Amo los Zapatos 41,212,251
84 user-img Wiz Khalifa 41,187,877
85 user-img HISTORY 41,107,026
86 user-img Instagram 40,963,918
87 user-img FC Bayern München 40,540,047
88 user-img CCTV 40,380,732
89 user-img FIFA World Cup 40,310,608
90 user-img Britney Spears 39,826,518
91 user-img House 39,806,104
92 user-img Coldplay 39,479,526
93 user-img Premier League 39,368,021
94 user-img Maroon 5 39,344,393
95 user-img Narendra Modi 39,240,854
96 user-img Justin Timberlake 39,217,924
97 user-img One Direction 39,123,298
98 user-img Discovery 38,609,818
99 user-img PlayStation 38,084,246
100 user-img Demi Lovato 37,980,970

Top Facebook Fan Pages

When it comes to the top 100 Facebook fan pages according to the number of likes and followers that they have, then you might be surprised as to the pages that appear higher up in the list. Indeed, some of the key names that appear to be so popular in various other areas of social media appear to be lacking behind on Facebook which is all the more surprising considering it is the most popular website of its kind by some substantial distance.

So, which fan pages are at the top of the list? Who has got the most subscribers and followers via Facebook?

Well, at the top is actually a fan page for Facebook for Every Phone with over 502 million fans but then this is a bit of a cop out since it is linked to Facebook and the number of people that access the website via their cell phone is absolutely massive. The fact that the Facebook fan page is also at number two with over 170 million fans.

However, we then get to actual real people and famous ones at that. The individual with the most fans on their Facebook fan page is actually the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo although he is rather lagging behind compared to the pages that are linked to Facebook. At the last count, Ronaldo has managed to get over the 115 million fans which is still rather impressive because just behind him in the list is that ever popular singer, Shakira although she is just at the 105 million fans mark so still has some way to go in order to catch up with him.

Perhaps the most surprising thing regarding the list of the most popular Facebook fan pages is that the next most popular is the actor Vin Diesel. He currently has 100 million but there are virtually no other forms of social media where he has any real following so that may very well explain why he appears to be doing so well on Facebook.

What you also find when you check out the list of the top 100 Facebook fan pages is that there is a special preference for sport. We already mentioned how Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular individual but we also see Real Madrid and Barcelona featuring in the top 10 with FC Barcelona just taking that particular battle with 94 million fans compared to 91 million fans for Real Madrid. It is also worth noting that Lionel Messi really does trail his arch-rival Ronaldo as he currently has just under 90 million fans.

The rest of the list is made up mainly of musicians with even Michael Jackson making an appearance a number of years after his death and the same can be said for Bob Marley. Of course, there are also a number of actors thrown in there as well with the likes of Will Smith being quite popular with 75 million fans.

However, you also have a number of brands also gaining a number of fans with the likes of McDonalds currently being in 22nd place. TV shows are also popular with The Simpsons coming top of that particular list with 67 million fans.

But how many fans do you need to even get into the list of the top 100?

Well, it might be less than you think especially when you consider that there is not that much between a number of the places as we can be talking about a difference in the region of 10,000 people in some cases. However, currently you are looking at the actress Emma Watson appearing in 100th place and even she has 33 million fans which is still an impressive number to try to beat.

The one thing that you can say regarding the list of the top 100 Facebook fan pages is that this is something that is going to be constantly changing and it is certainly rather competitive up there for a number of the stars that do take this kind of thing seriously. They may not be officially involved in running the fan pages, but there is no doubt that getting onto this list of the top Facebook fan pages is going to make a difference.

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