Top 100 Social

Top 100 Social

Here at, we have compiled various lists of the top shakers and movers across the board in the world of social media. What we have here are lists of the most popular, the most influential, and also the huge number of followers, likes, or fans that they have managed to build online.

Throughout our site, you will discover who is at the top of the pile in the world of celebrities, who is the firm favourite on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so many more. Think you know who will be in the top 10? Well, think again because what you are going to see is that it is not as clear cut as you think.

Instead, prepare yourself for a few surprises as you check out the different lists here on because the people at the top may not be who you expect. Think that Justin Bieber is going to reign supreme? Think that Kim Kardashian is indeed taking over the world? Well, now you can see how close to being correct you have actually been with your guesses as we have the latest, up to the minute, stats on who has the most followers and likes in all of your favorite social media sites.

Who is the most prominent on Snapchat? How about Pinterest? What kind of pages lead the way on Facebook? The information that you are about to uncover is going to stop you in your tracks as you try to discover just why certain people or brands appear to be way more important than those that you perhaps automatically assumed would be near the top.

Who can lay claim to the most widely followed actor? What is the biggest brand on social media according to their followers? Who is increasing their followers and who is being left behind by their main competition? Who are the real shakers and movers and climbing their way up the list of the top 100 on any particular site? How do different celebrities fare across the board? Who is top of the pile on Twitter and yet falling behind on Instagram?

The world of social media, and who is leading who, is not only fascinating but at the same time it also lets us see who is hot and who is just not quite making it and has to improve their game to catch up with the rest.

That is what we are all about. We have brought together all of this information into one easy to use website where you can keep track of what is happening within this world. Here at we open up the facts on all of the most important statistics within this industry. Wonder how many followers or fans you need in order to get onto any of these lists? Well, the chances are that it is going to be more than you would ever imagine. Wondering who it is that you would have to beat even to get into 100th place? Well, wonder no more by checking out our various lists.

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